This isn’t your typical wedding film, I’m more than just a guy with a camera, when you hire me, you hire a cinematographer. I’m not just there to hold a camera, I’m there to capture every emotion, every subtlety, and every precious moment of this once in a lifetime day. This is arguably one of the most important days in your life, my job is to use my experience, skill, and artistic abilities to create an everlasting film for you to watch over and over and over again. I offer two levels of coverage, Basic & Cinematic (more information found below).


I thoroughly enjoy the process of getting to know each of my couples, showcasing individuality and personality! I love finding new places, getting out in the dirt, going to a memorable or significant location, or up in the mountains! This is an excellent opportunity for you to announce your one of a kind relationship to the world! Love Stories consist of a 2 hour shoot, the first hour is an interview and the second is more like a traditional shoot. Combined, it creates a sentimental look into the deep personal relationship between a couple. click here for examples


I know how much is invested in dresses, hair, makeup, suits, flowers, etc... and it all deserves to be captured in the best light and location possible, and often there isn't enough time to devote to a ton of epic shots on your wedding day! I always recommend a first look prior to the wedding day, it provides a unique opportunity to capture a emotional, private, sincere moment in all it's glory! click here for examples


I often am asked if I travel, YES is the answer! I love to travel and I am competitively priced for that exact reason, please reach out if you have any questions on specifics.



I started my professional career as a photographer and have slowly drifted towards cinematography, I considered leaving the world of photography behind, but I get so many inquiries about my photos that I decided to continue the trend to do both.

Most of my clients hire me for my cinematography, in fact I recommend my couples do so as it lets me put my full undivided attention on it However, I do offer both at a budget friendly rate to clients who prefer the simplicity of hiring one professional for both. (see below for prices)


Two cameras are always better than one. Although I come fairly close, I'm no superhero. Often there are just too many things going on at the same time during a wedding. I always recommend adding a 2nd shooter for a couple hours on a wedding day, it ensures not a single important moment is lost.


That is an excellent question, and one that you ultimately need to decide for yourself. If you are looking for someone with a camera who can press record, I may not be the professional for you, and that’s okay, I’m not offended; however, if you are looking to showcase your love in a beautiful, cinematic, unique way; let’s do it right. ;)

I love adventure, I love nature, I love new places, new ideas, new experiences, and most of all I love capturing it all. If that is you, Or if you are up for an adventure, then I can promise we'll be a good fit.


ADD A 2nd SHOOTER - $50 per hour



TRAVEL (Outside Utah) - add $200 + travel expense*

*Must cover flight, rental car, & airbnb for 2 nights

**Deposit required to cover up front costs of flight, hotel, etc.

***Add $200 plus flight for 2nd shooter.


For bundled Film AND Photo Packages simply add $1200 to your selected package.


Wedding Professionals - Ask me about collaberating!